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Exceptional interior design creating a personalised design response.

Bespoke Interior Design is just that – bespoke.

This is a general list of our services, we are however flexible and can adapt depending on your needs, whether your needs are for domestic or commercial situations. Get in touch.

Interior Finishes

Interior specification and selection for all relevant finishes e.g. paint colours, feature wall treatments, wallpapers, carpet, tiles and timber etc.
All documented in a schedule.

Soft Fitout

Selection of product for soft fitout from suppliers at discounted rates, such as furniture, custom made furniture, curtains, window treatments, accessories, art etc.

Hard Fitout

Selection of product for Hard Fitout from suppliers at discounted rates, such as tiles, carpet and hardware.

Kitchen, Bath-
Room & Laundry

Full kitchen, bathroom and laundry design, along with the selection of all relevant fixtures, finishes and fittings. Concept and full detailed drawings.

Custom Cabinetry

Unique built-in cabinetry, such as entertainment walls/units, bookshelves and window seats or furniture made to measure.

Exterior Finish

Selection of Hard Fitout items such as roofing, gutters, paint colours powdercoted colours, exterior tiles etc.
All documented in a schedule.

Lighting Design

We are well versed in the art of Lighting Design to flow with your space plan. We will facilitate selection and supply of lighting for all interior, exterior and feature areas.

Design Management

We can facilitate the ordering of products to work with your timeline, and can arrange on-site visits to maintain the integrity of the approved design.

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